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cmsdAm, work in progress!!
Latest news:
1- website grafical restiling: Logic and Grafic design will fully support CSS to improve Logic/Presentation full separation
2- i18n scalable support in cmsdAm: Now you can use language specific (short/long) descriptions for your sections

Please, stay tuned!! Ciao, Dino.

Help is needed

cmsdAm is searching people to write code, plugins, features, testing, and debugging to make it even better.

I would like to make it more robust and powerful, not just a very simple cms framework!

If you want to help me writing/testing/upgrade features for cmsdAm, your help is appreciated!!
Please subscribe to cmsdam-devel and cmsdam-people mailinglists. Also write me a note with all your comments!! Thanks. Dino.

cmsdAm, the simple CMS generation!

So, this is cmsdAm, the simple cms generation. Probably you want to know what we are talking about, don't you? Well, it's a simple, secure, speedy, scalable, (portable?!), GPL released, PHP4 written from scratch Document Management System.
At this time completely written by dAm2K (Dino Ciuffetti - dam2k at users dot sourceforge dot net) cmsdAm, in its stage of development, is a CMS capable of:
- include plugins
- handle user defined (sub)sections
- developed with system administrators in mind (I'm a Linux system administrator!)
- sections navigation bar
- media serialization, good for ex. to hide/deny media usage for someone
- handle users and groups
- section view, search, manage users and group permissions
- search engine for user defined sections
- simple set of PHP api (class methods) for users, sections, search engine, etc...
- with php knowlege cmsdAm let you bring up sites in a while
- implements simple HTTP cache mechanisms (or not ;-)), meta tags handling, error templates, content encoding, i18n!)
- handle users and groups ACL to access sections
- handle emails
- automatic internal cache mechanisms memcached daemon ready
- full scalable LDAP support
- supports MySQL, (PostgreSql support will come soon), ldap, (other dbms support will come soon)
- developed with security, scalability and velocity in mind!
- more and more

This site is served by cmsdAm and hosted by Sourceforge.

If you like it, I don't ask you back money, but your help is needed! Please go to view the "Feature requests" page immediatly and post your query there to make cmsdam even better!

CmsdAm is in development stage, it's NOT very well tested, it's not even fully mature, so please consider it development software, for now!

Thank you for being interested in cmsdAm. Any question at dam2k at users dot sourseforge dot net.