cmsdAm News...

cmsdAm, work in progress!!
Latest news:
1- website grafical restiling: Logic and Grafic design will fully support CSS to improve Logic/Presentation full separation
2- i18n scalable support in cmsdAm: Now you can use language specific (short/long) descriptions for your sections

Please, stay tuned!! Ciao, Dino.

Help is needed

cmsdAm is searching people to write code, plugins, features, testing, and debugging to make it even better.

I would like to make it more robust and powerful, not just a very simple cms framework!

If you want to help me writing/testing/upgrade features for cmsdAm, your help is appreciated!!
Please subscribe to cmsdam-devel and cmsdam-people mailinglists. Also write me a note with all your comments!! Thanks. Dino.