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cmsdAm, work in progress!!
Latest news:
1- website grafical restiling: Logic and Grafic design will fully support CSS to improve Logic/Presentation full separation
2- i18n scalable support in cmsdAm: Now you can use language specific (short/long) descriptions for your sections

Please, stay tuned!! Ciao, Dino.

Help is needed

cmsdAm is searching people to write code, plugins, features, testing, and debugging to make it even better.

I would like to make it more robust and powerful, not just a very simple cms framework!

If you want to help me writing/testing/upgrade features for cmsdAm, your help is appreciated!!
Please subscribe to cmsdam-devel and cmsdam-people mailinglists. Also write me a note with all your comments!! Thanks. Dino.

News about cmsdam

cmsdAm 0.8 beta has been released!!
Please subscribe to the mailinglists!
Please help me to make cmsdam even better in many ways.
If you want, please take the time to write a note using sourceforge free forum for cmsdam news.

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Thank you so much to take the time for getting interested in cmsdam!!

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Sincerely, dAm2K - Dino Ciuffetti!!

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